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I believe the story was written by Gerry Finley-Day and drawn by industry veteran Geoff Campion. It was one of the first stories to depict the war from the prospective of a German protagonist.

The strip started in August 1939 - Lieutenant Paul Fallman (German Paratroopers were known as 'Fallschirmjager' btw - another one of Gerry Finley-Day's typically literal use of names!) was doing his eighth parachute jump to win him the coveted wings of the German Parachute Regiment. His father, a General who fought in the First World War, watches proudly, but there is trouble in the ranks.....

Another Paratrooper, Trooper Hung, hated Fallman and was to prove his main enemy in the strip even before the Allies !
Fallman saves another German General's life at the start of the Polish campaign - which is just as well as his father has just been shot as a traitor ! Fallman escapes the same fate because of his bravery, but is he is reduced to the ranks.....

'Fighter From The Sky' started in the 03 April 1976 issue of 'Battle' and ended..... It was reprinted in 1982,,,, starting on the,,,,,,,
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