Welcome to a special bonus viewing of an episode of the 'Battle' Vietnam story 'Fighting Mann'.

I'm afraid I don't know which issue this comes from (the scans were sent to me by a kind reader of this site!).

Script was by Alan Hebden, art by the great Cam Kennedy .

To set the scene, "In 1967, while attacking a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) gun nest, flight leader Walter Mann had orders to destroy it, and destroy it he did. However, the NVA launched a missile attack on Mann's aircraft to which he responded by out-manoeuvering it. Just as it was safe to fly on, we see a picture on Mann in shocked disbelief at what confronted him. One month later, and after many unsuccessful searches for Mann's aircraft, the USAF sent a letter to Mann's father stating that his son has been classed as, 'Missing - Believed Deserted'. Colonel Mann is livid and sets of for Vietnam to solve the mystery using all the contacts he'd established when he was Military Adviser To The Army Of Republic Of Vietnam during 1961-1963."

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