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This site is currently very much work in progress. I do not have a full run of the storyline - however I do now have a scan of the very first episode of the Major's adventures, thanks to Al at Comics UK. You can see his first appearance on the Carlos Ezquerra Interview page, which I've recently added.
There are still however plenty of gaps in my knowledge, not least a comprehensive listing of the Major's appearances - if you have any info that I can add to the site I'd be grateful if you mailed me with it. In the meantime, all I can offer here is the information that I have and plenty of cracking scans of the Major in action ! I hope you enjoy...


The original strip ran in UK comic 'Battle' between 10th January 1976 until at least early 1978 (where my collection ends at present). Scripted by Alan Hebden, drawn by all time-great artist Carlos Ezquerra.

The story is about the remarkable Major Eazy, who initially is seen leading a squad of British soldiers fighting their way up Italy during World War 2. Eazy is an ex-Long Range Desert Group man, who goes to war in his own car and with his own weapons. He is driven around Italy in a Bentley by Sergeant Bert Daly and is constantly falling asleep only to wake up in time to shoot a few Jerries with his Sniper rifle. The laconic Eazy is very much his own man and he has little respect his superior officers !

Later in the series (starting 23rd October 1976) the story went back in time to the war in the North African desert, where he was driven around by a Bedouin guide called Tewfik. The 'prequel' story was allegedly brought about by a couple of readers letters, as you can see below...

The Major also had a German 'double' who he tangled with occasionally, called 'Major Leicht', which apparently means's 'Easy' in German..

In the 100th issue of 'Battle' (29th January 1977) he took control of 'Rat Pack' (the 'Rat Pack' page is forthcoming btw..) which had them trying to rescue Rat Pack leader Major Taggart, who had been captured and imprisoned by the Krauts. After three thrill packed issues, Major Taggart is rescued, but with a wounded leg he cannot return to lead Rat Pack and they have to put up with Major Eazy as full-time leader, much to their disgust ! Eazy remained in charge until Taggart saved all of them in the 23rd April 1977 issue, when Major Eazy reckoned that Taggart was fit enough to be back in charge of Rat Pack.

The secret of Major Eazy's deadly firearms was revealed in response to a reader's letter in the 25/09/76 issue..

Eazy turned up later in 'Battle' fighting in Greece in 1941 with his Bedouin sidekick Tewfik already with him. At one point he was court martialled for insubordination (18/12/77 and next 2 issues) - General Bolsover showed up in the nick of time to save Major Eazy and also reveal a bit more of his background....

Bolsover also revealed how Eazy and Tewfik had first met - Eazy was fighting the Italians in North Africa in 1940, and he suitably impressed the local arab leader !


Major Eazy is I think to a large extent modelled on Hollywood actor James Coburn for both his looks and manner .
You may remember Coburn for his roles in such classic films as 'The Magnificent Seven', 'The Great Escape' and, oh dear, 'Our Man Flint'.

One thing that strikes me is that Easy is supposed to be British ( I think - he's in the British Army and was a member of the LRDG), yet he acts, like Coburn, in a typically 'American' way.
However, one 'Battle' reader disagreed with my analysis of Eazy's Hollywood inspiration...

Aha! It looks like this whole James Coburn issue was covered at the time - check out this letter !

Here's a couple of nice 'Major Eazy' covers for your delectation and delight.

Remember to check the Carlos Ezquerra Interview page for many more great scans of this classic character in 'tough war action'!

That's all so far folks ! More soon I hope....

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