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The story was about a German soldier on the Eastern Front, Kurt Slinger. In July 1941 he was a tank gunner during 'Operation Barbarossa' - the invasion of Russia. During a battle with some T-34's, one of Kurt's cowardly comrades tries to jump out of the tank. Kurt tries to hold him back, but is blown out of the tank with him, as just at that moment a shell hits their Panzer. The upshot is that Kurt is wrongly accused of cowardice (see below!) and is forced to fight from then on as a 'Panzer Grenadier' - one of the 'Dog Soldiers' who run alongside the Panzers.

The story continued with Kurt fighting on the Russian Front for some time - he was later in Italy at Monte Cassino (didn't bump into 'Major Eazy' there tho' - that would have made a great story!). The Panzer men , particularly one called 'Blucher', hated him because they thought he was a coward, but he and the Panzer Grenadiers were always saving the tanks. The plot was very similar to the earlier 'Fighter From The Sky' strip about a German Paratrooper, but quickly became darker and more gritty and violent.

Here's a letter from 'Battle' 21 May 1977 asking a pretty fair question..
The story had two different artists - I think (but I could well be wrong) that the veteran penciler Geoff Campion drew the early strips, with Jim Watson taking over later. Gerry Finley-Day (later to create 'Rogue Trooper' amongst others for '2000AD') was the main writer according to 'Battle' editor Dave Hunt in my interview with him.

The final story was in the 18 June 1977 issue of 'Battle'. Slinger was fighting in the streets of Berlin in April 1945. His arch rival Blucher dies with a broken neck when his Tiger falls down a hole made by Slinger's grenade (!). That was a pretty lame way to go, as you can see below, but the strip ends with a defiant Panzer G-Man firing at the Russians in a final stand !!

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