22 May 1976

Welcome to a special bonus viewing of an episode of 'The Team That Went To War'.

The aim is to give readers (old and new) the full taste of the excitement and great art this series provided. I do not intend to breach copyright and merely hope to engender an appreciation of and interest in this excellent story - perhaps leading to a proper graphic novel reprint. This page consists of 3 very large pics, and as such could take a goodly while to download. Time to take up crochet ? No, honestly, this strip is worth the wait!

This episode is from the 22 May 1976 issue. I'm not sure who the script was by tbh, but the excellent art was by Mike Western.

To set the scene, the strip followed the different war stories of all 11 of the former players of 'mighty Barchester United'. Each player got a least one week in the spotlight, some (like this one) were spread over two weeks.
On this page is the first week of a two week story about Barchester goalkeeper Bill Long, set in a German prisoner of war camp....

Want to see what happens next ?! Of course you do...

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